José Carlos Spricigo


Welcome to the portal Librelato S.A. Here you can follow our products, service, news and has the ability of interacting with our company.

Librelato is still in pace of expansion. A constant growth and development that covers not only the numbers that show the quality of the brand, but also the role of company with social responsibility, through projects like Friends of the community, Librelato Environmental and Professional formation program Lussa Librelato.

We have a chain of 52 authorized dealers in Brazil and Overseas, more than ten thousand active customers, acting in countries like Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Chile and more than two thousand professionals working in our five production units.

The company has as goal to continue investing in the professionalization of the dealers and employees. The quality comes from professionalization, that's why we continuous invest in the Professional formation program Lussa Librelato that holds the name of our everlasting president director, José Carlos Librelato, and has three different types of areas covered, the behavior trainings, security trainings and technical trainings, offered free to all employees. Specialized labor, to train and keep professionals are the watchwords. The trainings professionalize young and adults for the market, being the best way to achieve a fidelity index to the company and help reducing the turnover, that enhance the production quality. Our investment in people is what awarded us as the 8th best company to work in Santa Catarina by the Amanhã Magazine and Great Place to Work, allied to the constant search for innovation by te department of Research and development that makes Librelato one of the largest and best transportation companies of the country.

Thank you friend customer, employees, suppliers and partners for trusting our brand.

Librelato, this is the way.